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Title: Midnight Conspiracy
Pairing: Trio
Word Count: 506
Rating: lite R
A/N: Happy Birthday to my dearest, up-side-downest friend, [ profile] mrsquizzical!

I think you're seeing a trend in your birthday gifts my dear one ... ;)

Midnight Conspiracy )
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I've had once of my best experiences in writing to date. I even made myself weepy at one point, how pitiful is that? My dear [ profile] mrsquizzical let me write with her a scene from her gorgeous multichapter Trio story. I was lucky enough to write about the birth of their new baby. *bounces*

Title: Breathing Through
Authors: [ profile] maple_mahogany and [ profile] mrsquizzical
Ship: Trio
Rating: MT (Mature Themes)
Warnings: Contains unblushing but not graphic descriptions of childbirth.
Author's Notes:This is an outtake in the All That They Had Not Lost series. It takes place after the Epilogue of ATTHNL and before the Prologue of Evidence of Things Not Seen
Summary: Ron held them both, as best he could around her expanded frame, pulling Harry close to Hermione's body. Ron whispered words of support onto her neck, placing kisses behind her earlobe. She arched her head back, letting herself drown in their touch.

Breathing Through
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Drabbles for my One Year Anniversary Prompts

For [ profile] abigail89
Prompt: Harry/Ron: Harry catches Ron experimenting with Hermione's makeup, including some products that there's no way Hermione purchased. Major props for an appearance from Hermione and hot trio. I completely fudged your prompt, but only 296 words!

For Abigail – 296 words )

For [ profile] gwen1170 R/Hr
Prompt: Old Pub song; it's called The Old Dun Cow. Can you do a drinking Ron, in a pub, complaining about women?

For Stacy - 196 words )
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Title: Two At Once
Pairing: Harry/Ron/Hermione
Word Count: 626
Rating: R
A/N: This is for my One Year LJ Anniversary fics -
For [ profile] natertatersmom whose prompt was; I want a TRIO!!!! A NAUGHTY one!!!! Angry Ron!!!!
Well, it's Trio and angry!Ron anyway.

Two At Once )
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Title: Fool’s Paradise

Rating: NC-17

Warning: Ménages A Trios

Pairing: Ron/Harry/Hermione

Beta by [profile] tajareyul


Written for the The Quidditch Pitch’s Anything Goes Challenge. I was given the following prompt by [profile] satindolls.

Pairing: Ron/his hand.
Prompt: Ron takes a bath and the Magical bubble bath draws him into separate fantasies of Harry and Hermione. 



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Title; Trio Tribute For RedBlaze
Pairing; Trio
Rating; NC-17
Warnings, trio, het, mild slash, language
A/N - This was written for my friend Kele, in the [profile] ron4redblaze comm. It is is tribute first, because hers was the first trio fic I ever let myself read. Second, all of her fic titles (at the time of writing) are mentioned in bold.   

Like the icon? See the full size version made by the brilliant [profile] mudblood428 made just for this story!

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