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Title: Enneagram
Pairing: Brendon/Spencer
Word Count: 18,300
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: RPF.
Summary/ A/N: Pastor!Brendon
There was a time when Brendon looked like a nice young pastor. (Short hair, skinny tie. You remember.) One of my favorite fic authors wrote a beautiful pastor!Brendon fic but it was locked the last time I looked.

I had intended for this to have theological debates and mature relationship compromises but in the end I just wrote the smooshy dating and wedding night porn. It's kind of 'not!fic' put together in places.

Chocolaty thank yous to [ profile] mrsquizzical for all the encouragement and daydreaming, and to [ profile] barmy_bunk and [ profile] queenb23more for the beta help!

Enneagram - Part 1 )
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Title: A Kind of Stalwart Forward Movement
Pairing: Brendon/Spencer
Word Count: 15,400K
Rating: NC-17
Summary/Request: "Canon AU where Brendon never joined Panic" – includes sexytimes, cliché confusion, happy endings and Brendon levels of ridiculosity.

Written for [ profile] popoffacork Fic Exchange for [ profile] natacup82. Beta by [ profile] queenb23more with lots of handholding and nudging from [ profile] mrsquizzical and [ profile] reni_days

A Kind of Stalwart Forward Movement – Part One )
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Title: BioRhythm
Pairing: Panic at the Disco - Spencer Smith gen
Word Count: 2,890
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I really do know the difference between real life and fiction. This is the latter.
A/N and Summary:Tremendous beta thanks to [ profile] queenb23more, [ profile] redandglenda and to [ profile] mrsquizzical for making me. It's always her fault. ♥

I'd like to clarify that I believe that Spencer Smith is largely comprised of rainbows and awesome. During RBL some wanted to explore the idea that life on tour is harder on Spencer than the rest of them. Here is my offering, which contains a lamentable lack of slashy porn. *runs away from the internet*

BioRhythm )

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