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Written for hprwfqf on InsaneJournal here.

Title: The Pitfalls of Hero Worship
Author: Maple
Pairing: Harry/Ron
Challenge: Teenage Teddy is resentful of Harry and Ron's relationship
Summary: Teddy learns there is more to Harry and Ron than what he sees.
Word Count: 9300+
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash to be sure. Rimming, top/bottom - bottom/top, wet!Harry, angry!Ron
A/N or Prompt: I may have missed the point of the fuh-q-fest and my prompt and wrote a whole blasted story!

My thanks to [ profile] mrstater who pondered Teddy-isms with me. My dear [ profile] mrsquizzical for the many read throughs and corrections AND to [ profile] gwen1170 and [ profile] shocolate for the beta and Brit Picking!

The Pitfalls of Hero Worship )
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Written for [ profile] hprwfqf 2007 first posted here.

Title: Senescence
Author: Maple
Rating: NC-17
Challenge: Ron has a milestone birthday and feels old. Harry still thinks he's sexy.
Summary: Harry gets some magical assistance in seducing Ron.
Word Count: 4231
A/N: H/R hugs to [ profile] letmypidgeonsgo, [ profile] mrsquizzical, for the input. AND big freckly thanks to [ profile] shocolate and [ profile] gwen1170 for the beta.

Can you tell I was feeling wibbly about this one? I was concerned that some, particularly the younger ones may find a squick here, but hopefully I’ll take you past that.

Senescence )
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That’s My Boy
Much love to [personal profile] shocolate  for the squee filled Beta, and did request more random!gay!TerryBoot.

Written for the [profile] hprwfqf  first posted here.
Harry and Ron have been together for a while. After finally getting tired of people hitting on Harry and Harry being oblivious to their attempts, Ron gets possessive. Bonus if it's in a public place.


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