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Title: Said The Spider To The Fly
Pairing: Harry/Ginny
Word Count: 5116
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Harry takes Ginny on a private assignment.
Warnings: vampiric blood, depictions of slash and femmeslash (not H/G or canon characters)
Prompt: Written for Changing Season's H/G fic exchange.
A/N: Many thanks to [ profile] fitzette, [ profile] lnalvgd, [ profile] mrsquizzical and [ profile] grownuphermione for the help and input!

Dear [ profile] beckaandzac,
We don't know each other, but I'm hoping that since you also seem to enjoy slash and Supernatural, that you won't mind the setting and nature of this story … it's not your average H/G fluff. I hope this meets with your requests! ~Maple

Said The Spider To The Fly )
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Birthday gift fic written for [ profile] abigail89, first posted at [ profile] teh_archives here.

I couldn't write Snarry or Harry/Hermione for her, but Harry/Minerva ... Well, maybe all my *DPOL will like it. :P

Title: Dueling M-Minerva
Pairing: Harry/Minerva [*blink*] Just a hint of Harry/Ron.
Word Count: 2787
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Eh, Harry/Minerva? Post-Deathly Hallows
A/N: I know. I know! But this is for my fandom den mother [ profile] abigail89, and for Minerva, because if everyone else in canon gets a piece of Harry, she certainly deserves some of him, too!

Thanks to [ profile] mrsquizzical and [ profile] shocolate for the beta help!
*DPOL=Dirty Pervy Old Ladies

Dueling M-Minerva )
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Title: Sharing My Bedroom
Author: Maple
Pairing: Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny
Word Count: 682
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: moderate language.
A/N or Prompt: The adorable [ profile] fitzette is hosting a Holiday Drabble [ profile] flist_a_fest, and she prompted me with Ribbon.

Sharing My Bedroom )
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Title: Bare Feat
Word Count: 3443
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: *Deathly Hallows Spoilers* Het
Pairing: Dean/Luna
Summary: Dean and Luna find comfort in each other at Shell Cottage.
A/N: My thanks to [ profile] mrsquizzical, [ profile] queenb23more and [ profile] gwen1170 for their input and beta.
I wanted to write a short little PWP for this pairing, but then I realized they were so sweet they deserved a little more effort. So this stands somewhere between an overdeveloped PWP and an underdeveloped fluff piece. Ah well.

Bare Feat )
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Title: Wand and Bone
Pairing: Ron/Hermione
Word Count: 1893
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: If you have mental or emotional issues with seeing a physician, please don't read this. It's a bit ... creepy. (that's a great promo, isn't it?)
A/N or Prompt: This has no redeeming value whatsoever.
For my One Year LJ Anniversary prompts, both [ profile] amieam and [ profile] jocap asked for R/Hr, and since neither of you provided a prompt, this is what you get.

Wand and Bone )
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Title: Distraction
Pairing: Charlie/Chris
Word Count: 390
Rating: R
Warning:None - except that it's not betaed. Yikes!
A/N: This is the second of my One Year LJ Anniversary prompt ficlets;
For [ profile] alloy_, who asked for Charlie/Chris, set in his Midnight Confessions universe. I was a bit nervous about writing another writer's OC in their story, but then I suppose that's what we do to JKR. Besides, that's what the man asked for. Hope you don't hate it. ;P

Distraction )
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Title: Painting
Pairing: Ginny/Dean (post Hogwarts)
Rating: NC-17
Words: 4120
A/N: I wrote a Harry/Tonks once and I’ve needed to correct that balance of the universe in my head and write Ginny with someone else too. I think [ profile] fitzette may be one of the only people interested.
My thanks to the handy [ profile] gwen1170 for the beta work.

Painting )
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Written for the Checkmated Moviequote! Challenge
Prompt - “So you lie to yourself to be happy. There’s nothing wrong with that. We all do it.” -Memento

Title: Cryptograph
Pairing: Ron/Hermione
Rating: R
Beta: [profile] gwen1170

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Title: Wedding Night with Harry
Birthday Gift fic for [ profile] shocolate
Rating: Adult
Pairing: Ron/Hermione, but its Harry and Hermione – trust me!
Genre: I’ll leave the angst and despair to the experts. This is silly, cracky fluff baby!

An outtake set in my Within You, Without You story.

Wedding Night with Harry for Shocolate )
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Title: After Hours
Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Harry/Tonks

Word Count: 1,528

Warning: Post Hogwarts
Beta'd by [profile] mrspadf00t1 and [profile] wandrin_dreamer

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