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Fan Fiction by [ profile] maple_mahogany
I hope you enjoy, and please leave comments!

Bandom Stories
That Space Between the Sun and the Moon - Panic! GSF - PG-13
Enneagram - Brendon/Spencer NC-17
Handle With Care Brendon/Spencer PG-13
A Kind of Stalwart Forward Movement - Brendon/Spencer NC-17
Reacquaintance - Brendon/Shane NC-17
When Brendon Met Spencer - Brendon/Spencer, Jon/Ryan R
Like Vines and Noodle Salad - Jon/Brendon NC-17 multi-chapter
BioRhythm - Panic at the Disco gen PG-13

Harry Potter Het Stories
Said The Spider To The Fly - Harry/Ginny NC-17
Sharing My Bedroom - R/Hr, H/G PG-13
Bare Feat - Dean/Luna NC-17
Painting - Dean/Ginny NC-17
Within You, Without You - Harry/Ginny NC-17 - multi chapter
Cryptograph - Ron/Hermione R
Wedding Night With Harry - Harry, Ron/Hermione R
After Hours - Harry/Tonks NC-17
Very Bad Things - Ron/Hermione NC-17 - multi chapter
Unwrapped - Harry/Ginny NC-17

Harry/Ron Slash NC-17
The Other Side Of The World multi-chapter
Anniversary PG-13
One Of The Family (with Bill/Charlie)
Nights and Weekends
Something Missing At The End
A Big Bed PG-13
Visiting Christmas
The Pitfalls of Hero Worship
Immunity In The Darkness
Taking Liberty With Happy Endings
No Welshing PG-13
Frog Launching
Ice and Ice Cream
That's My Boy
A Kiss For Thanks
Apart Together - multi chapter
Chocolate Milk
Drabbles for harryron100

Harry Potter - Slash and Trio Stories
Three Indecent Acts - George/Lee NC-17
Midnight Conspiracy - Ron/Hermione/Harry R
He Was Smiling - George/Lee PG-13
The Glass Onion - George/Lee NC-17 multi-chapter
A Mere Choice - Fred/Harry R
Trio Tribute - Ron/Hermione/Harry NC-17
Fools Paradise - Ron/Hermione/Harry NC-17
Breathing Through - Ron/Hermione/Harry MT

Harry Potter Gen Stories
A Bad Book Trio Gen - R/Hr PG
In The Greenhouse - Harry and Ron PG
Baby Making Machines - PG
Motorcrossed Lovers - Anglia/Motorbike R
Of Blood And Dust And Potatoes - Harry and Ron R
Always Maroon - Ickle Ronnie, Molly G
What Harry Saw - 31-10-81 - The Potters PG
Cheese Sandwich - Ron R
Salad Cream - Gryffindor boys NC-17
Knights and Pawns - Ickle Ronnie and Percy G
Last Sunday Supper - Lupin, Marauders PG
When They Met - Arthur, Harry, James Gen PG
There's A Difference - Trio/Gen PG
Matter Of Wizard Pride - Trio/Gen PG-13

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