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Title: Band-aid
Pairing: Gen - teen!Brendon, Spencer, Ryan
Word Count: 345
Rating: PG
Summary: A mom worries when she sees blood, okay? Autumn 2004.
Warnings: Mild blood

“There are band-aid wrappers all over the bathroom counter. Somebody get hurt?” Ginger asks as she walks into the kitchen. Ryan and Brendon are sitting at the breakfast bar while Spencer stares into the open refrigerator waiting for the perfect food to present itself.
“Oh. Yeah. Sorry, I’ll clean it up.” Spencer holds up his hands, showing her fingers wrapped with an assortment of Bratz and Pokemon band-aids. "Just--"
“My god, Spencer!" Ginger takes his hands into hers with an aggravated whimper. "Did you get into a fight? What happened?”
Band-aids notwithstanding, between his fingers are still torn and blood-stained.
“No, I didn’t get into a fight, I’m so sure.” Spencer’s both offended and mildly amused. He hasn’t been in a fight since 5th grade when he’d threatened the 2nd grader who had been pulling Crystal’s hair all week, and then the 2nd grader’s older brother came after Spencer. “If I’d been in a fight my knuckles would be messed up,” he says, showing her an unblemished fist, “or, well, probably my face.”
Ryan and Brendon both snort and laugh and he doesn’t even try to flip them off. That fight in 5th grade hadn’t lasted long and he ended up with a bloody nose.

Ginger purses her lips attempting not to show her amusement. 

"It's just from practicing so much, chill. I'm working my calluses."
She looks at his hand, still holding it, and sort of cradles it, then sighs and gives him a shrewd look. “Well, can’t say you’re not putting your blood and sweat into this thing. Proud of you boys, working so hard.”
Spencer grins but both Ryan and Brendon are watching and their expressions are much more wistful at his mother’s words.
“Anyone else injured?” she asks and swats Spencer on the butt to scoot him out of the kitchen.
The guys just shake their heads and eagerly accept Ginger’s offer to make sandwiches.
Spencer knows the price they’re paying for the band is a lot worse than his bloody fingers.
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